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Smart Simulation company is train simulator manufacturer supplier

We specialises in the design, manufacturer and instalation of commercial railway simulators to be used for traininng drivers. Smart simulation can build a cost-effective and flexible custom train driving simulator solution to meet your needs. We offers full scale replica cab simulators for stationary or motion-based installation and desk simulators with additional displays.

The team at SMART are welcoming the New Year for 2023 as they ship the latest Full-mission Train Driver Training Simulators for the UK’s Avanti West Coast Trains for commissioning in March and April. The latest Hitachi intercity class 805/807 and Alstom Pendolino 390 simulators will join the 2 existing 390 Full Console Simulators finalised in 2022. These simulators replace the legacy facilities from the original Virgin days.

First Group have been investing in the cost effective and highly realistic Full Console simulators from SMART, with GWR commissioning a portable Full Console simulator for the Class 769 in 2022. Hull Trains and Lumo have also adopted the Full Console format for their Class 802 and 803 simulators due for delivery mid-2023.

SMART have revolutionised the Training simulator market with Full Cabin and Full Console Simulators that deliver high realism in Driver controls combined with industry leading Virtual Railways.

We have more than
15 years of experience

Over 450 railway simulators across 5 countries. 15 years practice as a manufacturer for high perfomance train driving simulators

Total length of virtual tracks
Simulators in service worldwide
type of locomotives


We design and manufacture a wide range of training simulators for your task and budget.

Quick solution to your problems


Great solution with flexibility

Compact Simulator

Full immersion

Optimal Simulator

Uncompromising solution

Full-Cab Simulator

Choose the building technology blocks you need for your custom training center

Our full-cabin and flexible simulators immerse your students in a high-quality version of their real operating environment, while our light console is affordable, mobile and scalable.

All simulators can be adapted to suit your tasks and budget.


An uncompromising solution for training professionals

A complete copy of the controls, a full-featured console, compact motion system and a view similar to a real locomotive cab take the learning experience to a new level, allow you to work while simulating the entire range of work and various normal and abnormal situations that arise on the rolling railway.


Full immersion
for an optimum price

Specially designed replicas of control panels, complemented by a full-sized cabin and highly detailed copies of real railway routes, provide a full immersion of a specialist in the train control process.


Great solution
with flexibility

Simulators on an open platform not only allow you to simulate the process of controlling a variety of locomotives, but also have compatibility with various additional equipment.


Quick solution to your problems

Our Compact Console Replica Simulators allow you to deploy quickly and at minimal cost the number of training places necessary for employees training.

At the same time, the students have access to all the main functionality of the simulator, including highly detailed copies of real-life railway routes.

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