Drive a locomotive in a high-detail virtual world

We develop and deliver together with the simulator a virtual world – the most accurate copy of the railway within which the learning process will take place.


The virtual world saves time on learning a new route due to the high accuracy of the world.


A large selection of settings allows you to work out the skills of the driver in emergency situations and in different weather conditions.


Training in the virtual world saves the company money and protects against the risks of a rolling stock accident.

The virtual world of Georgia Railways

The first railway in Georgia appeared in 1871. Then she connected the port of Poti and the city of Kvirila (Zestafoni). The first passenger train passed on October 10, 1872 from Poti to Tiflis (modern Tbilisi). During Soviet times, the Georgian railway was part of the Transcaucasian Railway. After the collapse of the Union, it was divided into Armenian and Georgian.

At present, the railway network of Georgia consists of 114 stations, 22 railway stations, 1422 bridges, 32 tunnels and 1323.9 km of operating length of the main lines. All this is in the hands of the State Joint Stock Company – GZD.

Our company has completed the development of the virtual world of Georgian railways. As of 2022, a world has been created in which train driving training can be completed on several routes in the country.

Route “Tbilisi – Zestaponi”

The virtual world allows the locomotive driver to quickly master the route “Tbilisi – Zestaponi” and confidently bring the train to this distance of the way.

Tbilisi – Zestaponi

The virtual world in numbers

railway stations
traffic lights
railway arrows
railway crossing
web length km
track length km

Electric Train driver Simulator

Especially for the implementation of the virtual world of the Georgian railways, Smart Simulation has developed a new simulator of the ESH2 “Stadler” locomotive for installation on the driver’s simulators.