Implementation of training programs saves time and budget

Interactive learning complexes became widely used in various fields, from training in automobile driving schools to professional retraining of railroad workers and employees.


The use of interactive programs in combination with other ways of training improves the overall quality of education.


The modular structure allows you to constantly update and supplement training materials with the most relevant data.


A visual study of topics with the help of interactive materials most fully gets the required knowledge across to the student and forms the necessary decision-making skills.


Automatic control of student knowledge and network control tools allow you to deploy both individual simulators and entire classes for training, including remotely.


In addition to the simulator, training programs are usually ordered.


Detailed wiring diagrams of locomotives allow you to get acquainted with the operation of traction power circuits, electrical control circuits and auxiliary circuits of various electrical machines, equipment and devices of an electric locomotive.


Software and a set of equipment designed to study the device, adjustment, and operation of the pneumatic circuit of the braking equipment of a passenger or freight locomotive and/or train.


Software to develop modification of various scenarios for the trains movement, emergency situations and weather conditions.

Training simulators for railway employees.

An additional training of employees can be carried out as part of special training programs.

Grade-Crossing Attendant

Software for training and assessment of knowledge for the position “Grade-Crossing Attendant”.

Car Inspector

Simulator for training personnel for the position of “Car Inspector”