Drive a locomotive in a high-detail virtual world

We develop and deliver together with the simulator a virtual world – the most accurate copy of the railway within which the learning process will take place.


The virtual world saves time on learning a new route due to the high accuracy of the world.


A large selection of settings allows you to work out the skills of the driver in emergency situations and in different weather conditions.


Training in the virtual world saves the company money and protects against the risks of a rolling stock accident.

British Rail Class 800 Intercity Express Train or Azuma

British Rail Class 800 or “Azuma” is a dual–mode train created by Hitachi engineers specifically for the British railway companies GWR and LNER. Its peculiarity is that it can work in two modes. The Class 800 train uses electric motors powered by overhead electric wires for traction, but also has diesel generators allowing trains to operate on non-electrified tracks. It was produced from 2014 to 2018. A total of 80 pieces were produced in various modifications.

The simulator “British Rail Class 800” is designed to practice basic skills of commuter train management, study the procedure in case of emergency and emergency situations, as well as study the general principles of passenger train management without risks and costs associated with the operation of real transport.

The simulator is manufactured in four configurations. The maximum and standard versions assume the presence of an exact replica of the British Rail Class 800 cabin. The simulator contains all the controls and instruments of the locomotive.

Train simulator configuration options

Simulator with a dashboard similar to the original

Stand with advanced functionality and overview


Replica of the train cabin as close as possible to the real one


Replica of a train cab supplemented with a dynamic platform

Features of the configuration

Together with the simulator, all the necessary equipment and software package necessary to start training is supplied.


The set and number of viewing screens can be individually changed


Simulators are equipped with devices similar to real ones

Training scenarios

Training scenarios may include various conditions, routes, and malfunctions


The student’s place is equipped with an audio system that simulates sound accompaniment

Means of communication

Included in the simulator kit for practicing verbal interaction skills


The student’s place is equipped with all the necessary controls


Detailed reports are generated automatically based on the results of training


The instructor’s place allows you to track all the actions of the trainee in real time

Script Editor

The built-in editor allows the instructor to create individual training scenarios


The learning results can be saved for further analysis

Remote learning

The instructor’s place allows you to train remotely via communication channels


Right in the process of training, the instructor can fine-tune the learning process


Quick solution of your tasks


Small dimensions make it possible to reduce the requirements for the placement area to a minimum


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A solution with flexible capabilities


Small dimensions make it possible to reduce the requirements for the placement area to a minimum


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